Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mineralize Skin Finishes (Revlon and MAC)

Mineralize skin finishes (MSF) are put on top of foundation or powder foundation and can be used all over the face or as a highlighter. I especially like to use them directly on and above my cheekbones as it adds a wonderful glow that makes my skin look healthy and dewy.

MAC sells MSFs for $28, but if you are lucky and have a CCO nearby you can get them for 30% off of $28--that wouldn't include me :*( --. Anyhoo, I was introduced to a Revlon product that is very similar to the coveted MAC MSF called Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder that sells for $14 in drug stores. Of course if you wait for those wonderful "buy one get one free" sales you can snatch one of these puppies for a mere $7. Cha ching! Score! Touchdown!

The Product:

The Swatches:

One lovely tidbit that I came across is that another color, Revlon Pure Confection is a dupe for MAC Lightscapade. You can read a comparison at:

Another product I am hoping to try as I have heard it also dupes MAC MSFs is Prestige Skin Loving Minerals. Has anyone tried this product? If so, I would love to hear more about it!

All products are purchased by me or received in a swap unless otherwise indicated. I would never allow some ho-hum money hungry company to corrupt my opinion! ... and seriously why would they bother with someone who has less that 20 followers lol.
SKIN: NC25, MUFE 120, BE Fairly Light


  1. WANT. I've seen some Revlon products that are vaguely similar to MSF's, though I dont think it was this one. I always make a point to go molest the Prestige ones instore though XD

  2. @Silhouette- lol, you are too funny. I will have to make my way to the Prestige ones sometime soon!

  3. i tried the prestige dupes. they are awesome!