Thursday, March 11, 2010

NYX I Dream of St. Kitt Review

NYX is an excellent drug store brand known for its pigmented eyeshadow and cute packaging. I typically purchase NYX shadows in trios or singles and find them to be wonderful. I was also able to swatch one of the 10 palettes, sorry I didn't take a picture. I found the pigmentation to be chalky and resembled makeup for a 3 year old. I was able to swatch this palette prior to purchasing it on sale for $7 and I was surprised in the pigmentation difference of the 10 palette and 5 palette.

The Product:

I am not a fan of the glossy packaging. I like the matte packaging better as the glossy cover makes it look cheap and reflects dents and scratches easier. The matte packaging is similar to the NARS finish.

Boo! You can see my reflection. Yes I am a camera nub and couldn't figure out how to make myself disappear.

The Swatches:
Swatched without primer.

Overall Rating:
Great neutral colors at a great price. Personally, I prefer NYX neutrals to MAC neutrals. I know many will not agree with me, but I prefer to forgo spending $14 per eyeshadow on MAC neutrals. I will venture into more pricey territories for unique colors.

Packaging: B
Pigmentation: A-
Price: A
Overall: A-

All products are purchased by me or received in a swap unless otherwise indicated. I would never allow some ho-hum money hungry company to corrupt my opinion! ... and seriously why would they bother with someone who has less that 20 followers lol.
SKIN: NC25, MUFE 120, BE Fairly Light


  1. I agree with you about neutrals, I personally dont think neutrals should have to cost much - though there are some MAC neutrals that are gorgeous and I will shell out for ;] *cough* Woodwinked *cough*

    This looks like a great smokey eye kit! Out of interest, which of the 10 palettes did you swatch? I have the Champagne & Caviar one and adore it, though I hear some bad things about the other ones.

  2. @Silhouette- mmmmm Woodwinked would be one of those exceptions. I find it difficult to classify it as a neutral because it has a lovely finish and is hard to dupe.

    I tried the Strike a Pose and For Eye Color Brown palettes. After those two failures I just assumed all the others would be equally poor.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Girl, I just reviewed mine! LOL. I think yours is beautiful. One of mine is way too warm for me :(

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the NYX palette, it looks like such a pretty neutral palette! It's such a pity NYX is hard to get hold of here!

    PS as for the HIP duo swatches, I'll try to swatch the purple side, but it might take me awhile before I get around to it! But when I do, I'll let you know...I do believe there are swatches from other bloggers available, so maybe google search will help too? :)