Friday, March 12, 2010

Help? Headed to Washington D.C.

I am attending a nursing conference in Washington D.C. at the Fairmont hotel next week and I have a day to relax so I would love to do some shopping! If anyone knows any bloggers located in D.C. or if you yourself know about the area recommendations would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much!


  1. You live in D.C.? OMGOMGOMG! No ways! That would be wonderful to meet you for lunch or something of the sorts! I haven't finalized my flight schedule as of yet, but I will be in D.C. around March 20th-24th.

  2. @Jasmine: Well, MD/DC suburbs. But it's a quick and easy ride to get to DC... only about 20-30 minutes. Yes, definitely! =)

  3. Hi Jasmine, thanks for stopping by! :) NO, unfortunately I haven't personally came across other fake cosmetic brands, and wasn't aware! Yikes! Yea, I think it's always best to purchase cosmetics from the store itself or trusted stores =)

    Have fun in DC and have a safe trip!