Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finding that HG eyeliner

I have been on the search for my HG items! (aka holy grail. I won't explain how long it took me to figure out what HG stood for. If you google it you come up with the abbreviation for mercury. Why on earth do all these women care about mercury?... ok, back on track)

Finding the HG black eyeliner that works best for you is a must! Don't ever listen to what one person reviews and if you love it even though it gets bashing negative reviews keep on loving it!

I have tried Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner in Zero and I hated it. It smeared within 5minutes and made me look like a raccoon and so did MUFE. I attacked the boards searching everywhere for a good eyeliner. Surprisingly, I received numerous drugstore recs so here is a comparison of those recommendations.

Up on the chopping block:
L-R: NYX Black Bean, Bourjois Paris Miroir, Prestige Total Intensity Deepest Black, Gosh Black Ink, Revlon Colorstay Black, Almay Black Brown

The Single Swipe Swatches:

The Filled in Swatches:

NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Black Bean--> yes, I know most use it as a base, but I wanted to swatch it as a comparison. It has a smooth and creamy application. The color payoff is excellent with a slight sheen. It smudges like no other so its obvious why it isn't an eyeliner.

Bourjois Paris Metallise in miroir--> I had it lying around from a swap so I figured I would make use of it. It has the tiniest sparkles, but you have to go over it multiple times to get a good concentration of color.

(tie) 1st place Prestige Total Intensity in Deepest Black--> amazing color payoff. In the single swipe swatch it hands down blew away the competition. I would say the color concentration rivals UD 24/7. Very easy to apply. Smudged more than Revlon.

Gosh in Black Ink--> this brand is not available in the US, but has an excellent reputation overseas. The color isn't very intense and I would probably pass on it.

(tie) 1st place Revlon Colorstay in Black--> 2nd best color concentration after Prestige. Very difficult to smudge. Easy to apply and you don't have to sharpen it like all the others.

Almay crayon in Black Brown--> Its hypoallergenic! Poor Almay. I realized afterward that it is not really fair to compare black colors to black brown. Best in the smudge proof department.

All of the products mentioned above were purchased by myself or were received in a swap from individuals who are not affiliated with the product company. I have no affiliation with any makeup company. I think by reading my post one would be able to make that distinction easily because alas, I am but a NOOB!


  1. I'll definitely check out the Revlon and Prestige ones :) I adore using the NYX pencil to tightline my upper and waterlines, though only when I'm doing a dark (usually black) smokey eye, so it wont matter if it migrates and smudges!

  2. You are so lucky! I tried using it on my waterline and it made me look like I was bleeding black from my eyes. Everything tends to smudge on me though.